1. What time is it? 1:26 p.m.
2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Tracy Lynn Reed
3. Nicknames: Sis, Sissy, Trace, Treycee, Tcat, Catwoman, Hey You.
4. Piercing: Ears
5. Most recent movie you've seen in a theater: The Polar Express--pathetic, I know. My parents keep trying to get us to go to something recent just so they can babysit...
6. Eye color: Hazel
7. Place of birth: Wichita, KS
8. Favorite food: Italian
9. Ever been to Africa? No, but a safari sounds great, especially on Monday mornings.
10. Ever been toilet papering: No, but I know some people's houses I'd want to hit.
11. Ever love someone so much it makes you cry: Yes, and it sucked. Or he does. Whichever.
12. Been in a car accident? Yes.
13. Croutons or bacon bits: Croutons, but it has to be the big fluffy crunchy ones, not the small, hard break-your-teeth ones.
14. Favorite day of the week: June, July and August
15. Favorite restaurant: The Olive Garden
16. Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
17. Favorite sport to watch on T. V.: Figure/fitness competitions
18. Favorite drink: Coffee with cocoa and FF Hazelnut cream
19. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Almond (Braum's)
20. Disney or Warner Brothers: Warner Bros.
21. Favorite Fast Food: Pizza Hut
22. What color is your bedroom carpet: Beige
23. How many times did you fail your driver's test: none
24. Before this one, from who did you get your last email: Sharon
25. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Barnes & Noble
26. What do you do most often when you are bored: Surf the Internet
27. Bedtime: 9:00, sharp.
28. Who will respond to this email the quickest: Who knows!
29. Who is the person u sent this to that is least likely to respond? Could be anyone who is more busy than I.
30. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? Everyone
31. Favorite TV shows: 24, CSI, Commander in Chief.
32. Last person you went to dinner with: Dale, Emily, the pastor and his wife.
33. Your car: Classified Information.
34. What are you listening to right now: White noise from the hum of the computers.
35. What is your favorite color: Right now: Yellow/blue
36. How many tattoos do you have: None
37. Favorite songs: Anything by Third Day
38. Tea or coffee: COFFEE
39. Favorite Magazines: Oxygen
40. Ever break a bone: Not that I know of.
41. Your fifth grade teacher: Mrs. Montgomery, Rea Woodman Elementary
42. How many siblings: 1 brother. Younger.
43. How many people are you sending this too? I don't do math.
44. Time you finished this email: 1:29


You know you're stressed out when you're suddenly yelling at the news on t.v. and your husband has to reassure you that you're having wine with dinner.

One Arm Rows: 20/12 x 2; 20/20 x 1; 25/12 x 1
ITY's: 10/12 x 3
BB Rows: 45/12 x 3

Ab Crunches

Scheduled day off of cardio.


This article should go in the "Well, duh..." pile. Interesting, but seems to me to be nothing more than common sense.

TV in the Bedroom Means Lower Grades for Kids.
I gave in yesterday.

Put my hands up into the air.


And said, "No, honey, there really is no tooth fairy."

I hadn't been expecting the question for at least another year, but I honestly think my daughter is ahead of the game in some respects. She had asked another question a month ago, The Question, and I agonized over my answer of "Yes, Sweeite, and Santa will be here tonight!" I further perpetuated the fraud by writing her a letter from her favorite fat guy with nice From the North Pole! stationary. Em wasn't so much interested in the letter, though, as much as the nice boxes that lay in wait for her (she has yet to play with her new tinkertoys, but the round box they came in is great for oh so many things). But, because of me, us, she believes in Santa.

Emily already knows that the tangle fairy isn't real and that the tickle monster is just a figment of Mommy and Daddy's imagination, so in all actuality, it was a relief to spill my guts about the T.F. It'll be just a matter of time before she puts the pieces together to solve the Santa riddle.

"Mama? Who takes our teeth under the pillows?" she asked.

She didn't hear my sucking-in breath. I bent down and whispered, "Mommy and Daddy do. But it's a secret."

She stood silent a moment. "Okay." Then she whispered, cupping her hand to the side of her mouth, "But don't tell Daddy."

It wasn't daddy I was worried about, but her classmates, and I knew I definitely didn't want them brought into our tiny little conspiracy. They were precious little gossip mongers who could let my secret loose like a bursting balloon in a Catholic church service.

"It's okay to tell daddy, but not your friends. Let's let their mommies and daddies tell them."


Later the same day, Emily came home from school with a "spitting" issue. In the midst of talking to another little girl, spit, saliva, slobber had come flying out of her mouth and onto the other girl. Emily told the girl she was sorry--without being prompted (that's my girl!)--but the little girl went to tell the teacher anyway. Emily wasn't in trouble, but it took her a long time to tell me what was the matter. I assured her that she was definitely a good girl and we were proud of her for telling the girl that she was sorry, and it was an accident.

My next naughty thought was: Perhaps you should tell the girl about the tooth fairy . . .

Monday's workout: Bi's and Tri's:
DB Curls supersetted with DB Tri. OH Press: 15/12 x 3
Concentration Curls supersetted with DB Kickbacks: 20/12 x 3 and 15/12 x 3
BB Curls supersetted with Tri pressdowns: 45/8 x 3 and 40/12 x 3

Cardio: Hill intervals

Tuesday's workout: Legs
Walking lunges on treadmill: --/12 x 3
BB Squats: 45/15 x 3

Cardio: Hill intervals

Wednesday's workout: OFF


Because my brother is so funny, here's the link to what is starting this: www.tommytang.typepad.com

Fun With Saw and Jane

See Saw
See Saw II
See Saw II Soon

See Jane
See Jane See Saw
See Jane See Saw II Soon

See Jane say, "See Saw?"
"Yes, I saw Saw," I say.

See Jane say, "See Saw II?"

"I can't see Saw II, until
Saw II comes out soon."

Anyway, too much more and it'd just be silly.

There's been quite a bit of reading of Dick and Jane at our household, and at 4.5 years old, Emily has a good grasp of the English language and can READ.


I want to be Jack Bauer.

Not really be him, because that would involve major surgery, but just be like him.

A kid's watch alarm went off in Sweep and Keep* today; one long, heart-jumping beep, and my first thought was to yell out, "Down, DOWN! Everyone down on the FLOOR!" I have a walkie-talkie and I grabbed it, but then Tracy-the-Teacher mode kicked in before I called for a helicopter... This is much like when I found a bump on the back of my head, and instead of remembering that I received that little number from when I rose up against the corner of a cabinet in the laundry room, I thought I had found a brain tumor and needed the help of Dr. House.

If the influence of television on a supposed rational adult can twist a reality unrecognizable, imagine what the box can do to young children. What's wrong with our schools? What's wrong with our society going to you-know-where on a fast-train? Turn off the technology, sit down with a mom and dad at dinnertime, open a book and read with the kids...

*Sweep and Keep: When a student is late to class in our school, they are not allowed in class but are to go to the cafeteria and sit for 93 minutes. They may do work, read, write, etc., but they are not allowed to talk and must sit facing forward the whole time. Many are happy to stare at the bricks for the whole time.

Workout: Cardio: Treadmill Hill Intervals. 40 mins.


Caffeine is the BEST!

Saw was probably one of the best horror movies I've seen in a very long time. It is NOT a workout movie, but I suppose it helped with my heart levels while on the treadmill. Dang, I need not be that close to a t.v. during that show... Can't wait to see Saw II.

--Is John going to expire soon because of his inoperable tumor? Will he make it to a Saw IV (Saw III has been "announced" on IMDB.com)?
--Was Dr. Gordon actually a humanitarian who gave free medical exams to those less fortunate?
--What lesson did Jigsaw need to "teach" Zep? Didn't Zep know John's name and show compassion? Or was Zep just an unfortunate pawn to help teach Dr. Gordon a lesson?

Yesterday I did cardio: 35 mins. of cardio and elliptical intervals. Ab crunches galore. I'm paying myself $50.00 each month that I do my cardio for the week. If I don't do it, then no $50 bucks. By the end of one year, I should have enough to buy myself another piece of fitness equipment or doo-dads.

Today I did chest/biceps/triceps:
Pushups: --/12 x 3 sets
DB Incline Press: 20/12 x 3
DB Incline Fly: 20/12 x 3
Concentraton curls: 20/12 x 3
Tri. OH press: 20/12 x 3
Tri. kickbacks: 10/12 x 4


For two days I was The Decaffeinater, opposing evil caffeine in every form. And then I got the Big One. The Big Headache. I, The Decaffeinater, said, "I will not let you defeat me, you evil headache! You cannot beat me!" And then it pulled out its weapon of choice--the most evil ploy that The Headache knew could bring me to my knees: The Headache pulled out its Puker. Yes, I trembled; yes, I cowered in front of the ibuprofen bottle, and yes, I even cowered huddled under the covers for what seemed like hours until The Headache let loose of its terminal weapon. I would not win this time...but next time I want to give up caffeine, I Will Be Ready.

This morning's coffee sure tasted good to the last drop.

I don't know what I was thinking to give up the good stuff. I thought my central nervous system might do some good without it for awhile, but I think my CNS liked being sloshed in coffee. I'm leaving it alone and all is right in the world again.

My workouts for the past 1/2 week:
Saturday: 45 mins. cross-training--elliptical trainer vs. treadmill.
Sunday: Same
Monday: Same
Tuesday, Legs:
BB Squats: 45/12 x 3
DB Deadlifts: 20/12 x 4
Leg Extensions: 70/12 x 4
Wednesday (today): Off


Okay, this guy is giving me some CRAZY ideas of what exactly I can do with a blog.

It's rare, these moments. Rare to have a decent, logical conversation with someone under the age of 21 without wanting to imagine squishing their head between my index and thumb. Have you ever done that? Close one eye and get the object of disdain and anger in sight. Now hold up your arm and let the person's head line up between your index finger and thumb. Pinch. Pinch the head. Pinch again; it feels good.

This morning was different, though. The halls were quiet and Sweep and Keep had only two kids. One young man brought nothing to do, so I offered him my book. The kid, who was dressed in mostly black clothes, chains and loops hanging from all over, was a little afraid that I was about to pull out Emily Dickinson or worse: a sophomore Language Arts textbook. He read the title of my book and said, "Stephen King?"

"Yeah, it's a good one," I replied.

He looked at my bookmark. "You're kind of far into it, huh?"

"I'm rereading it, actually. I think you might like it. At least it's better than propping up the walls with your eyes.

The kid read for the entire 45 minutes of what could have relatively been stare-at-brick time.

Perhaps there is hope.

The Workout (yesterday):
"Boy" Pushups: two sets of 12.
"Boy" One-Arm propped pushups (one hand on BOSU): two sets of 10.
DB Flyes: 20/12 x 3

One Arm Rows: 25/12 x 3 supersetted with
BB Rows: 45/12 x 3


The Workout (Today): OFF


Notes from the classroom: These are aken from essays my students wrote for their writing assessments. I thought others might see the humor as I did.

Topic: Is television good for families? "When you turn on the television the kids butts and couch are like magnets to a refrigerator."

Topic: Should video games be installed in the cafeteria for use during lunch?
"They will have games for boys and girls so the girls won't feel left out because they don't have nothing to do."

K. (which is her real initial) is 19 years old and has the lungs of an ox. One always knows when she's in the building and down the hallway, and especially if she's heading towards your classroom. K has one of those laughs that she can pull up from down deep in her belly and let it burst from her throat like a bullhorn, only louder. This voice, her laugh, her hollers echo naturally in the corridors of the school, deafening anyone within earshot. Two of my hands could fit into her beefy fist, and if it hadn't been injured in a domestic dispute, she could probably crush my hands, as well, and if she were angry enough. She stands almost six feet tall and when she isn't angry at something or someone, usually me, K has the softest brown eyes that are just screaming that she wants to be understood. And I suppose it should make me happy that she considers me her favorite teacher, even as I send her out of my room cussing and carrying on for threats or just general belligerance with an added kick of "This is sh*t!" or that I'm an "f-head."

The next day is a new day. The sun rises and her memory is erased of why it was she was so angry to begin with. All is forgiven until the next time...

It's a wonder I'm still alive whenever I tick her off.

The Workout
Cardio: Circuit Training--elliptical trainer and the treadmill
Watching: The Butterfly Effect. Wish it didn't have so much cussing in it. I could go out into the hallways of my school to hear that crap.


Legs Workout:

Walking Lunges (on treadmill): .6mph/12 x 4
Good Mornings: 45/12 x 3
Leg Extensions: 90/10 x 4 supersetted with
Donkey Squats: --/12 x 4
Flutter kicks: --/15 x 3

Side Bends: 15/12 x 3


I am listening to The Jury by Steve Martini and as usual, when I'm listening to a book, my mind wandered. If you were in my head, you would have heard:

I wonder how cool it would be to have your last name named after an alcoholic beverage?

Tracy Merlot...
Tracy Cabernet...
Tracy Virgin Bloody Mary...
Tracy Bud Light...
Mrs. Budlight . . . "Hello, Mrs. Budlight. How are you this fine morning?"

And then I had to rewind the tape so I could hear what I missed. After doing that twice, I promised I'd listen--"for reals" this time.

Emily's favorite phrase of the day is a quote from a movie. It'll be out of the blue, too, and usually at dinnertime that she'll say, "I'd like to have the poo-poo platter!" (from A Bug's Life) And then she'll fall into a fit of giggles. "Bottom," "poo-poo," and "toots" or "tooting" are the giggly words in our household right now. I told her that Grandpa Reed would probably understand her better than anyone.

Dr. Phil writes for LifeLaw #10 that You Have to Name It Before You Can Claim It. I'm officially claiming what I want to be right now and very publicly: I want to be a voice talent. Now how does one go about doing that?

My Workout: was awesome this morning! I set the alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier, hit snooze twice and was able to get up at a decent time to get a whole weights workout in. I had planned on doing HIIT training after school.

DB Curls 15/10 x 4
Concentration Curls 20/10 x 4

Tri Pressdowns 30/12 40/12 x 3
Kickbacks 15/10 x 4

Upright Rows 15/12 20/10 x 3
Side Raises 10/10 x 4
Front Raises 10/12 x 4


P.M. Cardio: HIIT


It's FRIday!

Legs this morning (didn't I just DO legs??? My, how time flies):
BB Squats: 45#/12, 65/12, 75/12, 75/12
Deadlifts: 45/12 x 4
Kickbacks: 20/12 x 4

Crunches --/15 x 4
Ran out of time again, and I took only maybe 30 seconds rest between sets. Need to do supersets again to get it all in and get my heart rate back up. Plus, I really need to get over my hatred of cardio. I hope to add that in next week for my after school sessions since I have to wait a bit for Emily and Dale to get home. Plus perhaps yoga to get me to relax. I'M NOT TENSE OR ANYTHING! Just when I can break a CD in a billion little shards without even realizing it, then I think there could be a problem--true story--happened this past Wednesday, I think.

Tomorrow is weigh/measure/picture day. I plan on eating a free meal tomorrow for dinner and then starting a more stricter strict diet on Sunday.

Speaking of bomb threats at schools, check this out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7683168/. Poor Burrito Boy...


Okay, this always makes me laugh when I need a good belly shake: Click on Napoleon's Sweet Ads for some . . . sweet ads.

Am I just stupid? Do I have stupid written all over me? Apparently my students thought so until I wasted three young men's time after school. At only that time did I have their attention. The faster I was finished with my spiel, the quicker they were out of my sight. You'd think I taught elementary school rather than high school. And WHY did I go into teaching, again? WHY did I not go into electronics or computers? Just because I don't know squat about electronics and computers shouldn't have stopped me. And WHY did I have this altruistic notion of "helping people"? I mean, come ON. Really, now. Only George Bush makes me help people with his stupid No Child Left Behind. I have a pack of sillies in my classroom that I want to leave behind. 75 mile per hour behind as I'm hollering out from the back of my car: "See ya, wouldn't want to BE ya!"

Where are good lottery numbers when you need them? On the good side, there are only 30 more years until retirement. Yeah, okay, that's the bad side, too.


Okay, the workout: What I'm now "watching" during my workouts: Shanghai Knights with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Those two have GOT to make more movies together. Just finished that one up, and I'm about to begin Mission to Mars again.

Mom says don't watch Dark Water or any movie that has "water" in its title. Don't watch any movie that has water in its plot. Except Jaws. That one's pretty cool. Her commentary on The Cave (which has water somewhere in it): Ok, just finished watching "The Cave". In the dark, in the water, underground caves, must find another way out since the way in crashed down around us. All the while being chased by some mutant form of creature who as it turns out were mutations of the folks that fell down in there 30 years ago and got this parasite and mutated. Darkness, flashlights, get attacked by creatures, some of us die, one of us is mutating but is able to help us find a way out before attacking last critter and falling to death probably. Finally back out in daylight, chick said they didn't need just to adapt to cave life, they probably want to find a way out, her eyes are all weird looking and she takes off leaving the hero of the story trying to follow her in a crowd and losing her and now we're all doomed cause this thing is now loose. Boy, I'm scared!

and more from Mom:
I guess if you got attacked or scratched by these things, this parasite got in your blood stream and started growing until you slowly start changing into one.
Almost wish I could change into one and go after the people that made this movie!!
I swear, no more movies with water in the name or in the plot of the movie!! I wonder if that means I shouldn't rent "The Island". That would be surrounded by water wouldn't it? hmm. Boy, after Lord of the Rings there just isn't anything left to watch.
At least it was a hair better than Dark Water but that ain't saying much.
I guess I'm just working on my top 10 list of worst movies which are:
1. Open Water
2. Dark Water
3. The Cave

My Workout: Chest, Back

Bench press: 45#/20, 65#/12, 75#/10 x 2
DB press: 20#/12 x 4
DB flyes 15#/12 x 4
One Arm Rows 20#/12 x 4 (usually do 25#s; don't know why I decided to do light weight this a.m.)

I'm not pushing myself enough in the morning. I think I ran out of time. I should get up earlier than 4:30 to get everything in.


Boy, am I tired! Between my leg workout yesterday morning (4:30 a.m.) to the kids at school being their usual charming selves to our bomb threat, I am bushed. I slept in this morning and took my day off of exercise on Wednesday. I always think that I'm going to hold out until Saturday, but I never do. Monday and Tuesday with my little darlings are enough to send me over the edge.

--the 19 year old girl who is PROUD to be a 19 year old and still in a junior-level class.

--the nonstop talking young man whose every third word is "Dip!" Or "Dipset!"

--a young man who can barely comprehend questions at a third grade level. What in the world is he going to do out in "the real world"??

--the young man who doesn't ever want to work and get a job because he expects his mom to pay for everything. I really need to call her and clue her in on a few things.

--the precious kids who don't like your answer of no and will ask their administrator--or heck--ANY administrator so that they'll get a different answer. "We're working with him," says the administrator.

--the kid who put a new "grill" in his mouth. Diamonds, of course, and boy is his smile just SHINY.

Leg Workout (yesterday):
Leg extensions supersetted with kickbacks:
LEs: 45/12, 90/12, 115/12, 115/12
KBs: --/12 x 4

Hamstring Curls supersetted with donkey squats:
HCs: 35/12, 45/12 x 3
DSs: --/12 x 4

Ab Crunches x 4 sets


Raise your hand if you thought Ring Two was insipid. Good grief, where was the fear from The Ring that left me curled in a fetal position until dawn the next day? And the phone ringing? Forgeddaboutit! I wouldn't answer the telephone for two weeks straight, about the time that the nightmares went away. But R.Two--give me a break. I could watch that one with my eyes wide open the whole time . . . okay, except when Max/Simon Baker bit the big Samara sandwich. That was a little scary, but I still didn't have to close my eyes!

Exercise is right on this morning with shoulders/biceps/triceps, although I was more tired than usual. I plan on taking Thursday off this week, but I may have to reconsider taking a day off earlier than that. Eating is good, too, but I need to work on getting more water in. I have a half gallon in, so that leaves me with the rest of the day to get the other half down.

Shoulder/Arms routine:
Tri-set 10#s/6 reps x 4 sets:
DB Lat raise
DB front raise
DB Upright row
V-up crunches between each tri-set.

Concentration curls 20#s/10 reps x 4 sets
Tricep pressdowns 35#s/12 reps x 4 sets

DB Kickbacks 10#s/12 reps x 2 sets

Tomorrow is Legs day--always my favorite. Also, it's the first day back at school, oh joy. I don't know which is worse, the clueless people running the show or the people in the show. Perhaps with everyone well-rested from the Christmas break, no one will be as grouchy. OR, we'll all be grouchy because Christmas break was too precious fun. We'll see!


I think I've recovered from traveling to Tulsa and back to Wichita. I slept ten hours last night, not including the five minutes I was awake from my husband saying, "Happy New Year, Dear," after HE was awakened by fireworks. The visit in Tulsa was great; it's the road time and nothing to really look at that is less than special. My own bed felt wonderful and the dog was glad to have us home.

Today, this first day of January, is the day that I'm back on track with healthy eating. I can only stand so much of the sweets and saturated fats before I just DYING for a chicken breast and broccoli. I've gotta be crazy, or at least many would consider me crazy, but honestly, it took years for me to actually crave this healthy stuff. I am going to weigh and measure in the morning and begin the trek to meet my new goals (NOT resolutions...). I'm sure I've gained a few pounds from the whole holiday eating and such, and I feel dehydrated today, but my wedding ring is loose. I will have pictures taken in the morning to compare to my last set of pictures.