We are quickly sliding into 2006 with the added bonus of one second. What to do with one second? I could finish a sentence with an extra word; I could get extra sleep; I could get up at 11:59:59 and begin my new year of fitness by going out for a one second jog . . . it seems my options are endless! What joy it is to have time in the palm of our hands.

Speaking of fitness plans, after losing these 18 pounds in the year 2005, it's time to make new fitness goals for the new year of 2006. Resolutions are a funny thing. December 29, 2004, I made it explicitly clear to myself that I would NOT make any resolutions for 2005, since each year before that I did so, I would not hold myself accountable. The year that I did not make a list (lose 10 pounds, be lean, start running, etc.), voila, it happens. 18 pounds gone. I am a lean, almost-mean kickboxing machine. I have "guns" for biceps, but not overly bulgy.

Officially: My resolution for 2006 is to not make a resolution.



April said...

Tracy, you are doing a great job. I'm so proud of you. You've come along way. Remember when Tommy and I first moved to Wichita and we used to run around the river? Again, you've done a great job and your consistancy and determination has paid off. I noticed over Christmas you've lost a lot around your thighs and bootie. You go girl! Say, I started up my bodybuilding diet again which is
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup egg beaters
9:30 am
Myoplex light shake (25 protein, 20 carb)
12-1 I lift at the downtown Y over lunch now.
1:00: 4-6 ounces chicken 1/2 cup rice 2 cups vegtable (broccoli or similar)
3-3:30 myoplex lite shake
6-7pm Cardio 45-50 min run (intervals)
sm. medium potato
4-6 ounce chicke
2 cup vegtable

I haven't started loosing yet, and just wondered what you think of the rice and potato. I know we need carbs to make the muscle gains and have energy, but I'm thinking that the potato at night might be a problem. What do you think?

Tracy said...

Thanks April I've literally worked my bootie off! Still trying to lose that last LITTLE BIT. Frustrating, but I can do it. I remember the one time we ran around the river and it just about killed me. LOL. I think I'm over that, so if you ever want to do it again (I'm a slow runner; I have to warn you!), let me know!

I would LOVE to workout during my lunch. It's great that you're splitting up your routine like that. How often are you working out? I'm thinking about going back to lifting weights in the morning and then doing cardio when I get home from school.

I think you may be right about that potato. Is your oatmeal in the a.m. a 1/2 cup after it's been cooked? If it is, you may want to up that to 3/4 cup cooked. Same with the rice (brown rice?) at lunch and then dump the potato at your 7:30 p.m. meal. How has your body reacted to the potato carb in the evening in the past?